Please Improve Face Detection and Face Tracking. Maybe Allow Mult-Face Swapping

It'd be nice to have better face detection and tracking. Maybe it'd help if the multiple faces the same photo or video can be swapped. Especially their the same face or recognizable enough to be the same face. I've had multiple video and photo swaps where the face(s) couldn't be swapped either because the face(s) couldn't be detected due to quality clashing or there's more than one face and the face that got swapped was not the one(s) or only one of the one(s) I wanted to be swapped.

Multi-Face Swapping could be a great way to solve this issue. Especially if multiple faces being detected is the problem. I'd love not to have to worry about faces not being swapped or swap flickering on and off. Improving the face detection and tracking, plus adding the ability to swap multiple faces in the same media can be a real life saver. The more that the new face selected can be seen in the right places, the better.

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About 2 months ago



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